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This domain was formerly used for recipes that scouts, outdoors people, and campers would be interested in so we tried to continue on with it. The site will now be used to help educate survivalists and preppers in the use of communications equipment. Specifically we will cover amateur radio (better know as ham radio) regarding the radios themselves, the necessary antenna systems as well as what it takes to get an FCC Amateur Radio License.

Many aspects of communications has been lightly touched upon by other survival and/or prepper web sites but much more needs to be learned about radio communications so that everyone will truly be prepared. A lot of the misconceptions are that amateur radio, ham radio, is the same thing as CB radio. Well they are similar in nature but vastly different when it comes to the ability of the ham radio to go farther faster than a CB radio could ever hope to do. Most of this is due to the various different bands available to ham operators while the CB band of 11 meters is all they have available. You can find a great deal more information about radios and antennas and how they can best serve a survivalist at a site called Radio Survivalist. Survivalist communications are a huge part of the Radio Survialist site. And another site that could be beneficial to you is located at hackhunter.com.

Many survivalists already have either an amateur radio setup or at least a CB radio (which is better than no communications at all). Some folks have inquired about amateur radio and never realized that the equipment is pricey and also that they must have an FCC license to legally operate it. Using ham radios are only the half of it as the ham antennas play a very big part of the success of an amateur radio system. Survivalists out in the wild can readily throw a wire up into a high spot such as a large tree and be up and communicating in less than 15 minutes.

Skills in off grid cooking will become a necessity once things take a turn for the worse. Instead of cooking camping food you will find yourself cooking survival food instead. With that being said it may pay for people to stock up on freeze dried foods, outdoor cooking recipes, off grid cooking gear, and preparation tips for emergencies. You can learn how to make a fire for your next camping trip so that you can cook small game over a bed of hot coals. Learning how to cook using a dutch oven is another skill which you will find handy on your next trip. One last tip will be to have a definite plan in place for food storage so that you can protect the foods that you intend to eat on your trip.

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